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About Us

Let Anonymous Astronauts Take You To Higher Grounds

Introducing our nft collections "Anonymous Astronauts", named on behalf of our youtube channel and the ''Astronaut'' a famous symbol in the crypto space.

Our collections will contain rare 3D animated storyline masterpieces, A.A. Toybox Collectibles & The A.A. Collectible a revolutanairy utility nft project on the Songbird & XRPL network.
All unique self generated Anonymous Astronauts with amazing utilities.


What We Do

What We Do

Our Collections

A.A. Creating art for the future.

-Anonymous Astronauts masterpiece collections:

True ultra rare NFT masterpieces. 
Developed with unreal engine motions, containing 3D animated  models, several different storylines & soundtracks.

-The Anonymous Astronauts Collectible:

a revolutionairy nft project on the Songbird & XRPL network. All unique self generated anonymous astronauts minted using the Bestftso Collectible Generator Tool will arrive soon!

-A.A. Toybox Collectibles:
Different A.A. Characters in Toyboxes with each their unique animations on XRPL  & Songbird Network!
With a limited supply of 25 for each Toybox.






-Our collections will grant their owner amazing utilities differing from piece to piece, one build-in utility being passive income rewarded in our native Anonymous Astronauts X token ($AAX) 


-$AAX is an XRPL utility token used within the Anonymous Astronauts ecosystem & Metaverse game application.

-As the open-source XRPL protocol layer of the ecosystem, $AAX token serves several purposes:
NFT staking, AAX staking, Spending unit, Metaverse experience,...


We strive to bring the best experience for the whole community!


Anonymous Analysts

The AA community started as a youtube channel & is a huge xrp army, focussing on Gann's method for predicting mainly crypto markets.


The Flare Time Series Oracle allows Songbird token holders to earn passive income & amazing Nfts by delegating their voting power while always retaining control of their tokens ! 


On RippleLabs blockchain & technology company which develops the Ripple payment protocol, exchange network & Nft market,...

Future  Art & Finance

It is just a matter of time before questioning the relevancy of NFTs will no longer be a discussion. Major companies know this and are building within this. Any More Words Needed :)

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