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$AAX Token

Let Anonymous Astronauts Take You To Higher Grounds

Introducing our nft collections "Anonymous Astronauts", named on behalf of our youtube channel and the ''Astronaut'' the famous symbol in the crypto space.

Our collections will grant their owner amazing utilities differing from piece to piece, one build-in utility being passive income rewarded in our native Anonymous Astronauts X token ($AAX) 


$AAX is an XRPL utility token used within the Anonymous Astronauts ecosystem.

As the open-source XRPL protocol layer of the ecosystem, $AAX token serves several purposes:

What We Do

The point system assigns a certain number of points to each NFT based on its rarity, utility, or other factors determined by the project.
These points accumulate over time while you hold the NFTs in your wallet. At the end of each month, the total points you have accumulated are used to calculate your monthly payout in $AAX. The point system & sets can be found



$AAX token holders have the opportunity to lock and stake their tokens for a duration ranging from 1 month to 12 months.
By participating in this staking program, token holders can earn a yield on their staked tokens. The staking yield starts from 0.5% and can go up to 10%, providing the community with the chance to take advantage of this opportunity. The longer the staking period, the higher the yield..


$AAX is our ecosystem utility token that gives all it's holders an open currency that can be used within our A.A. & Climaax ecosystem without a centralized intermediary system.
With Climaax marketplace you will be able to buy, sell & trade NFTs with both XRP & AAX. Use your passive $AAX income to spend on exclusive Climaax & A.A. NFTs​


Integrating $AAX into services, utility applications, and games built by our team or other 3rd party entities is the key to unlocking limitless possibilities and revolutionizing the digital landscape. Our team is currently developing additional features for $AAX with the aim of further incentivizing its growth.


Collaborating with reputable third-party metaverses, we plan to offer genuine utility for 3D avatars and other 3D assets, ensuring a rich and diverse experience for the community.
Working with established metaverses allows us to leverage their existing infrastructure, user base, and features, which can save time and resources to focus more on building 3D assets. It also gives our community access to a wider range of virtual environments, social interactions, and creative possibilities.


$AAX is an XRPL utility token used within the Anonymous Astronauts & Climaax ecosystem.

The total supply of $AAX is 1 Million/1 000 000 AAX tokens.

-AAX first MONTHLY payouts to all AA NFT holders took place on August 1st 2022.

Each A.A. NFT holder will get AAX tokens airdropped depending on their share of the point table.

-Extra passive income will be generated by the (NFT PASSIVE INCOME)


$AAX payout starting date August 1st 2022.

2Tokenomics update.png


-A.A. NFTS on $SGB & $XRPL are divided into a point system, the more A.A. NFTS you hold the more points you get.

The more points, the higher %  payout you will receive monthly in $AAX.

-Each NFT holder on either chain [SGB/XRP] receives points per NFT, download the latest point list below to see how much points each NFT gets.

-Before each Distribution of $AAX there will be a snapshot made on Both chains, then we will calculate the points each User have, Total amount of $AAX that will be sent to the user:
{current period AAX distribution amount}X {Users points} / {TOTAL points}

-The more you hold, the more you will get from the distribution pool.
$AAX is a native issued token on The XRPL, thus it will be delivered to an XRPL account, this account must have a TL set in order to receive the Payment of tokens, or else the transaction will fail.

- You don't have to verify with @AAXRPLbot , $AAX will be sent to the same wallet you hold your NFTs in.
- We do encourage you to verify Discord in order to receive roles, able to receive your rank and maybe get into our leaderboard & participate in many giveways!

-You Must verify with the SGB bot at Discord 🦜︳sgb_verification
-You MUST associate an XRPL address with @AAXRPLbot , we need an XRPL address that we can distribute $AAX to.
- Verifying also allow you to receive your rank and maybe get into our leaderboard.



Here you can find the Point Table System which our rocket scientists will use to calculate monthly rewards in $AAX for ALL NFT Holders. (Pixel Art NOT included)
(Changes to the point system can be made over time due to NFT price changes, adding new nfts)


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